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100% Pure Tree Sap

Tapped straight from trees - never diluted with water
It remains unchanged, just as nature intended.


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is pure birch tree sap. It tastes a little sweet and beautifully crisp, with a delightful aftertaste of the forestsibberi second leaves.

A drink from the North...

Birch water has long been favoured across Nordic folk cultures sibberi tradition helmet as a spring detoxing elixir.

…Genuinely low in calories…

Only 5 kcal for 100ml. It is 4 times less than your typical Coconut Water (it is a bit like a diet Coconut water)!

...known for its cleansing properties

Naturally diuretic it supports kidney and liver functions and speeds up the process of elimination Birch leaves.

Stay lean!


is pure maple tree sap. The mouthfull clear water that tastes slightly sweet with a hint of maple syrup (as you'd expect ).

A drink from AMERICAS...

Native Americans had discovered tree sap as they lived inhabiting the forests of Maple trees. They used to boil it down into the sugary maple syrup and sip it raw at spring.


Maple sap contains Manganese, which supports healthy bone structure and Malic Acid, which supports muscle performance.

Stay Strong!

sibberi plastic bottle

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Only one ingredient, directly tapped from the tree

Birch leaves


Smooth and silky, with hints of sweetness. Grasp the taste!

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Drunk for centuries by Nordic folk and native Americans

The water that wakens the trees
from their winter slumber

Birch Water harvest

In autumn, sibberi logo part cloud before winter, trees store nutrients and vitamins to prepare for the next period of growth. When winter comes, the trees start their dormant period as their roots are packed with goodness.

In spring, sibberi logo part sun warmth triggers the roots to draw spring water from the ground up into the trunk. The stored nutrients are collected and brought up to the dormant branches birch water process . The sap is naturally filtered and enriched by the tree. This spring elixir sibberi logo part drops is the magic that wakens the trees from their winter slumber, bringing the forest back to life!

The sap only flows for a short period of time. It starts when snow melts away and stops at first leaves . Because tree sap tastes delicious and is also healthy for us, we stay ready and tap the sap for you when that moment comes.

As we don’t want to disturb the trees in their natural revitalising cycle , we only take a fraction of the sap and plug the hole back when we leave. The trees don’t even notice .

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Sibberi...That’s us!

Our aim is to offer water made by trees, that remains untouched.
We never add flavours or sugar; it tastes just as nature intended.

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